WELCOME TO RHODES , Our team will make sure that you will have a great stay on the island!


Rhodes, the island of the Knights, has a long history and has developed a significant culture throughout the years. The island has a rich collection of historical sites and monuments that represent the Greek history and which are worth visiting. 

The bus tour you have just got on is a truly unique opportunity to the visitor of the city of Rhodes to become acquainted with several of its sights and points of interest, both within the city and along the trajectory from site to site. 

It is worth to visit the Aquarium, the port of Mandraki, the Government buildings, the New Market, the Old Town with the Palace of the Great Magister, the New Marina, the hill of Monte Smith with the Acropolis of the Ancient city of Rhodes, the Temple of God Apollonas, the Ancient Theatre and the Ancient Stadium.

The best serviced Day Cruise to Rhodes from Fethiye .

Departure at 09:00 AM Daily

We depart daily from Fethiye Tourist Port by our fast hydrofoil ("Flying Dolphin") "AEGEAN PRINCE".  It takes only 90 minutes . 

Arrival in Rhodes at 10:30 AM

Upon Arrival in Rhodes you will have to pass through passport control and customs . This is a very fast procedure . 

Welcome To Rhodes

Rhodes Old City and Grand Master's Palace

After Passport Control and Customs we will wait for you at the meeting point . See for the sign (Welcome 2Rhodes) . You are actually in the heart of the Old town . 

Open Bus Tour

Open bus tour Rhodes

Some of you are holders of Open Bus City Tour Vouchers . Our guide will drop you off at the embarkation point .

Our fist stop is the Old City

The Old Town is just 5 minutes away from the Port and it is the first Breathtaking Impression while arriving in Rhodes . We will visit the street of the Knights , The Grand Master's Palace . Together we will explore the Medieval Old City with its Traditional cobbled streets and Spectacular Architecture . 

From the Old City to The New . . .

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